Traci Nov 2016

Hi everyone!  My name is Traci, welcome to Blushed ‘N Polished.  I started this blog in April 2013 and this has been a (good!) learning experience for me.  The purpose of the blog has always been about beauty but the focus has changed and I decided to update the look of the blog as well as the About page.  My friend, Danielle, is an artist with Bobbi Brown and a great resource for me.  You’ll start to see me refer to her more often for her opinion and recommendations.

Thankfully I learned at an early age to appreciate skincare and makeup.  I receive a lot of compliments on my skin plus I love skincare so I decided to attend the Aveda Institute for my Esthetician license.  My day job is sitting in a cubicle handling insurance claims.  Exciting, right?  Ha ha.  For almost two years I worked in luxury retail before returning to insurance (I like that it’s Monday through Friday and a steady paycheck).  Once in a while I do facials on a Saturday in a spa room at a luxury department store.  In the Beauty industry this is referred to as Freelancing and I have the opportunity to work with different brands.  I love this experience because I can decide how often to work and which brands to work with.

I love to try new products and share those with you.  Please keep in mind if something doesn’t work for me I probably won’t speak negatively about a brand or product, because it might work for you.  Everyone is different and I understand this.

Let’s have some fun.  I also love to know your experience, what you like or don’t like, so please comment on any of my blog posts – let’s start a conversation!

About Me…

Home is in Charlotte, NC with my husband (we’ve been married 18+ years) and two children who are very spoiled dogs.  I’ve also lived in California, Michigan, Boston and Austin.  Which sports teams do I like?  To say I’m non-committal is an understatement.  In Major League Baseball I like the Oakland A’s (from living in CA), Detroit Tigers (I remember my grandfather listening to them on the radio) and the Boston Red Sox (if you’ve ever lived in New England then you understand).  Please don’t ask me to choose just one team, unless it’s college sports and then it’s unquestionably University of Michigan (no, I didn’t attend U of M).

Thank you for stopping by!

Danielle, my resource and secret weapon:

Tiona Fuller Photography
Tiona Fuller Photography


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